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MB Selangor, YAB Tan Sri Mohd. Khir Toyo
Gambar Hiasan: Bantu golongan ini dengan langkah-langkah positive. BUKAN dengan memperdaya mereka sepertinya untuk berdemonstrasi.

Rape, abduction increasing in Gujarat: Sonia - 8 Dec 2007, 2303 hrs IST , PTI KAPADVANJ(Gujarat):

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Saturday targeted the Modi-government in Gujarat for the rising incidents of rape, kidnapping and corruption in the state. Addressing a huge gathering, mostly consisting of women, in Kapadvanj assembly constituency of Kheda district of Central Gujarat, Sonia came down heavily on the state government's failure at various fronts. "Nobody is safe in Gujarat under the present regime," Sonia remarked. "There has been an increase in cases of rape and kidnapping of children," the Congress president said, referring to the recent incidents of kidnapping in Surat district.

Large number of farmers have committed suicide and the interest of dalits and backward communities has not been protected, she said. Sonia also criticised Modi regime for the large-scale corruption which took place in the 'Sujalam Sufalam' irrigation project of the state government. Without naming the Chief Minister, Sonia Gandhi appealed to the people to throw out the Modi government from power for its failure to deliver on its promises. "The government talked about big projects but on the ground, implementation is negligible," she added. "If our party comes to power (in Gujarat), it will announce special incentives for reopening of closed industries and special packages for farmers," she told the gathering.

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Move forward, Dr Khir tells Kampung Rimba folk
SHAH ALAM: Let’s put the Hindraf episode behind us and move forward to find a better life for all

This was the message Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo had for the people, especially those in Kampung Rimba Jaya here, yesterday.Meeting the people here for the first time since the controversial demolition of a temple in the squatter settlement last month, the Selangor menteri besar said the people should not be taken in by the claims of the movement.He said the people of Rimba Jaya were now staying in council homes provided by the state in Shah Alam and they could continue to do so until their low-cost homes were built.The council homes are flats owned by the state in Section 26 and the tenants could stay there rent-free, he added.
“Do not worry. I will not let anyone sleep under the bridge. It’ll be a shame for me if that happens. The government will never neglect the Indians.”On the demolished temple, Dr Khir said the developer had given RM40,000 to the temple committee to build a new one at the site given by the developer.He said the people should not fret about having to move into low-cost homes, saying it was a first step towards better things.For those who were not eligible for bank loans, he said there were other avenues such as the Housing and Local Government Ministry, state Islamic Religious Council and other state agencies.

Speaking on the impact of the recent illegal rallies in the city, Dr Khir said two Taiwanese investors had put on hold their plans to come to Selangor.Later last night, during a 60 minute live interview over RTM1, Dr Khir clarified that the Kampung Rimba Jaya Hindu temple was demolished after the Deepavali festival.“There is a misunderstanding. A lot of people thought the temple was demolished before Deepavali. But, it was demolished on Nov 15,” he said adding that the temple was built on private land.He said the temple committee had agreed with the relocation and added that: “The temple issue had been settled.”“The problem is Hindraf followers instigated others to take the law into their own hands and did not allow the priest to go into the temple.” He said the squatters in the area would also be moving to their new homes by end of this year or beginning of next year.They will move to low-cost units with proper kindergartens, Hindu temple, surau, community hall and other facilities, he added.“So there is no issue of the temple or not helping the community. The state government helps all races,” he said. He also said the politics of hate should be rejected by all.

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